Review of iOS6

If you want to experience new and engage yourself in a more superb android, then iOS Six is your top solution. In fact, this has lots of updates wherein you can have 200 features at a time. You have many lots of choices to choose from because of its many features.

ios6In addition, if you want to experience magnificent and truly efficient experience with your iPhone, then you must need to update it regularly. If you do this, the device will be easy to use and to function well. The truth is, some of its features might be the same with others and maybe better however, you need not to only consider this factor because Apple offer a new and solid experience for all users. This means that you can manage your applications smoothly because rough edges are all gone.

iOS 6 Maps

The Google maps are not available to some device but Apple has already many applications wherein it is built in and improved. The details and text of the phone are easy to read and easy to be used. When you used your two fingers, you can rotate it easily and smoothly. You can also make a full zoom into it.

Moreover, there are new iOS 6.1 phones like iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPads. With this, you have the chance to get a flyover features and 3D views. These features are great and truly magnificent because it shows all the buildings detailed at a higher frame rate.


Siri belongs to the list of well talk about because of its all impressive look such as it has the ability to answer any question and make some viral videos for people. Also, Siri has truly practical uses like finding restaurants, have access on Wolfram Alpha and will remind you about your meetings.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a great phone of yours, you need to choose wisely and be sure to know its features before availing, such reviews available on applemetr. Nonetheless, you can have iOS 6 because it is really suited to everyone or perhaps to all users who wants to experience new.