Introduction to PHP

Endless possibilities for PHP scripting language and a large community of users, made one of the most popular open source language. For all you people living outside the world of UNIX, Open Source means that it doesn't cost anything. You can use as much as you want, where you want and no one will ever charge you thousands of dollars for licenses and support. Even if it was originally designed as a set of macros to maintain personal home pages of encoders, his name has grown much more from their goal. has since been expanded features PHP, taking it for a set of utilities for a full-featured programming language that can manage huge data contained online environment .

PHP is now officially known as "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor". This is a server-side scripting language usually written in HTML context. Unlike conventional HTML-pages, PHP script is not transmitted directly to the client to the server, instead of the parsed PHP binary or module that is installed on the server. HTML-elements in the script are left alone, but PHP code will be interpreted and osuschestvlyatsya.Kod PHP script to query the database, create images, read and write files, interact with remote servers - the possibilities bezgranichny.Vyhod of PHP code in conjunction with HTML in the script, and the result is sent to the user? with a Web browser, so you never can tell, the user or a web server with PHP or not, because everyone sees the browser is HTML.

PHP with Apache and MySQL support greater increase in the popularity of Apache is currently the most widely used web server in the world, and PHP can be compiled as a module of Apache MySQL SQL database is a powerful and free full set of PHP functions to work with him. The combination of Apache, MySQL and PHP are all.

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