Icon organizer can help you to arrange your Desktop icons

Desktop Icon organizer is a software that will assist you in arranging your desktop. It will hide icons that are not longer in use.
A Group, is a term that was created by software that is an icon group on your desktop.
Desktop icon group organizer is not a changeover, it is an addition to your desktop.
My friend advised me this program today so I installed it on my computer. It is a very helpful program that allows to put in one row files and folders of the same category.

It also hides the icons which you don’t use rather long. If you decided that they are necessary, you can just click on a desktop two times and they will appear.
Using this program you can manage your desktop, creating shaded areas, that you can move and make boxes for your icons. If you don't want to have icon organizer, you can click two times on your desktop.

Advises on using the software:

  • It is not necessary to read desktop icon organizer manual, it is easy in use.
  • Click mouse’s right button and holding it pull to the necessary field.
  • You will create a group. First, you should name it and than put the necessary files and folders in it.
  • You can make your desktop clean by hiding the icons that you do not use. When you need to use them, just click on the desktop two times and it will become the way it was.


Requirements of the System:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 software.
  • It supports 64 bit and 32bit versions on Windows 7 and Vista.
  • You have to install impulse to download and to update your software.


  • You can make on your desktop as many areas as you want
  • You can show or hide icons that are on your desktop using double click
  • Arrange opacity and color of your groups
  • It doesn’t occupy too much memory. Works perfectly with any OS